My Week #18 in Review (2016)

Last Set Of Rehearsals For The Talent Showcase, Lab Practical With Ecoli Bacteria, Text A Toastie Christian Union Event And  We Won The Talent Showcase

It's been a sunny week :)/ My crochet kit finally arrived./ I started working on my second crochet project./ At dance rehearsals for the Talent Showcase./ Out with Gospel Choir Squad. I had cheese burger and it was really good. The chocolate milk shake was good too.

Favourite Quote Of The Week:
Total reliance and dependence on God gives full control over any trial

The weather this week has been really good. I didn't do have to carry my thick coat around which was really nice.

On Wednesday, I had the first of a 2 part lab practical which involves E Coli bacteria. This practical is very important because after the 2nd part we will have to do a write up which will count for a lot of our practical marks this semester. I am in the second group which means I will have the second practical in 2 weeks so I still have a bit of time to prepare.

This week, the Christian Union organised an event called "Text A Toastie" which was basically a way to evangelise. The point of the event was for anyone to text in questions about God, religion, Christianity, Jesus, Faith and anything and then one of the CU members would go to their room to answer their questions along with a toastie of their choice. I helped in making the toasties. At the beginning, things were a bit slow and we had a few rounds of prayers before texts came flooding in. It was such a lovely time as people asked some really important questions. Unfortunately I couldn't stay till the end as I had dance rehearsals.

Speaking of dance rehearsals, we had our last set of rehearsals this week for the SGUL talent showcase. Everyone worked really hard and to crown it all, we won the Talent Showcase. The dance soceity won the £300 cash prize which was so amazing. We didn't think that the judges were going to favour us but they did and the crowd was amazing too and very supportive. I'm sad it's all over but then again, I always feel like this after every show. I can't wait for Fashion Show 2016 so I can do it all again but for now, I shall focus all my energy on passing my final exams :)

Hope you all had a lovely week.
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Thanks for stopping by.
God bless.


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