My Week #19 In Review (2016)

Different Type Of Tutorial, Small Group Meeting, CU Talk And Youth BBQ

My Week 19 in my Filofax

In Wembley for youth evangelism event/ I had the best chicken stir fry ever from the hospital canteen./ Dinner at a friend's house. Made Fried plantain for us./ Also had Jollof rice./ Desert- yummy brownies and ice cream/ Going through endocrinology notes.

This week, we had a different type of tutorial session. We have tutorials once a week where we discuss answers to a set of data analysis questions that are normally given the week before. They have recently changed this system and we no longer have data analysis questions but more patient related scenarios and we have to discuss in our group about the scenario. I really prefer these type of tutorials to the ones we had before as they are a lot more interesting and enjoyable.

I also had a meeting with my small group with other students from our Christian Union and I was greatly encouraged by all the things we talked and prayed about. I always look forward to these meetings :)

We also had a very inspiring talk from one of the doctors at St George's Hospital and she was talking about trusting God with your future. I really needed it and it was very encouraging.

Also, my uni mum had a Youth Missions weekend at her church in Wembley on Friday and Saturday. On the Firday, we had a praise and worship session with other young Christians some of whom were all the way from the US and their testimonies were such a blessing to us. On Saturday, we had an evangelism session and then a barbecue. It was a lot of fun and I am so glad I went.
Lessons Learnt This Week 
The first thing I learnt this week is actually from a quote I found online at the very beginning of the week.
"There comes a point when you just have to decide that your dream is what you want and then go after it. When God gave your dream to you, He also gave you everything you needed to make it a reality."
-Tara C. Pray

I need to keep reminding myself of this quote everyday and work towards my dreams and goals and to learn not to second guess myself or doubt my abilities. God is in control and His perfect will shall always prevail.

The second thing I wanted to share actually happened a few weeks ago. I lost my earphones during dance rehearsals and I was really sad about it because I always like listening to music whenever I am on my way to uni or back. So I had to adjust to life without earphones for awhile and I felt quite handicapped. So I was telling my friend about my predicament and he said something jokingly which actually got me thinking a lot. He said that not having my earphones now would actually give me the opportunity to be aware of my surroundings and the people and things happening around me. He went further to explain that one time he was walking back home after uni and heard a man playing peek a boo with his son in their garden which he thought was very precious. He said he would never have been able to hear and witness this precious moment if he had been lost in his own little world of music. Sometimes we just like to drown out the world and be lost in our own little world of music but we do miss the little things happening around us and it is these little things that are extraordinary.

So that was my week in a nutshell.
How has your week been?
Please do let me know in the comments.
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God bless :)


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