My Week #21 In Review (2016)

Leading Worship At Christian Union, Literal House Hunting, Paediatric Soceity Committee Dinner, Birthday BBQ And  2 Weeks Till Exams?

My Week 21 in my Filofax

At Banana leaf sri lankan restaurant/ Mutton rice biryani/ Crabs/ 2 more weeks till exam/ Viewing a house/ Food from home/ Chapel in Sutton/ At a BBQ

Quite a few things happened this week.
I got to lead praise and worship at the Christian Union meeting for the first time. I got to pick the songs, make the PowerPoint slides and practise with one of the other students who played the guitar for us. I led with my friend and it was nice.

We also started house hunting this week. It's almost the end of the year and so we are looking for a house we are going to move into in September. I am going to be living with 3 of my other friends and so we have been looking for 4 bedroom houses around uni. We booked a couple of viewings and went to see some houses. Some of them didn't really take our fancy and others were really nice but their available dates were in either June or July which is way too early for us to move in. We don't want to leave it too late as well because houses will become more expensive closer to September. We are hoping we find one hopefully before we go home for Summer.

I also had dinner with the other students from the Paediatric soceity. I am the secretary of the soceity and this was a good way for us to get to know the other students and bond with them.

One of the ladies at church was having a birthday barbecue and we went to her house to celebrate. It was a lovely time and we had so much food.

My first exam in on the 16th of June and we are still having lectures so it is a bit annoying. Revision is alright so far but I really do need to go over material from Semester 1 as we are going to have a synoptic exam as well.

My favourite quote of the week is taken from the song "Flawless" by MercyMe.
 "No matter the bumps,
No matter the bruises,
No matter the scars,
Still the truth is the cross has made you flawless"
Hope you all had amazing week.
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Thanks for visiting.
  God bless


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