My Week #23 In Review (2016)

Student Finance Application, Last day Of Lectures, Meeting Up With My Friend, Revision Lectures, My Guest Post Was Featured And  4 Days To Exams

My Week 23 in my Filofax

My flatmate made egusi soup (a Nigerian dish) for me. It was so good./ My bible study session./ A quote from a fortune cookie. It read "Achieving starts with believing"/ Really nice sunny evening/ Out with my friend in central London/ We went to KFC/ I had my first ever mocha which was a very big deal for me as I don't drink coffee. My friend was very kind to buy it for me and I thought it wasn't too bad actually./ Late birthday gift from my friend. It's Yorkshire soap that looks like a cupcake and it smells so good. I feel like eating it every time I look at it.

I finally got the chance to complete and send off my student finance application. It is very important I make sure that I start getting it right at the start of the academic year so I can start paying my rent for the house we are going to be in next year. Speaking of the house, there is a major update on our housing situation but I will update you guys about it after my exams.

We finished lectures on Tuesday and I met up with my friend on Wednesday in Central London. He has just finished his third year and was coming back from uni so had quite a few bags with him. We went for a meal in Nando's and it was nice to catch up on stuff. I was so envious because he is done with uni but I haven't even written my first exam yet. 

Speaking of exams, my first is in 4 days. Eeekkk!!!
It's a synoptic exam so we're expected to know everything  we have learnt since September. We have had a couple of revision lectures this week organised by older years and they have been very useful. I don't know what I would have done without these revision lectures.
I just can't wait to get all these exams over and done with. I want the Summer to be here already so I can be done with first year.

One exciting thing that happened this week was that my guest post was featured on the Blogs By Christian Women blog. I recently found out about this blog for Christian women bloggers and I loved it because it encouraged me. I then wrote a guest post for it but I wasn't expecting it to be published so soon. The post is about Trusting God With Your Future so if you would like to have a read, click here.

Finally, this quote from the tube station the other day inspired me so I thought I'd share.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend and wish you all an amazing week ahead.
Thanks ever so much for stopping by.
God bless :)


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