My Week #24 In Review (2016)

12 Months Post Relaxer, Synoptic Exam, Getting Free Subway, Giving A Tour To Chinese Students And 2 More Exams To Go

We got free subway sandwiches while house hunting/ Me playing with my hair on snapchat/ Trying to vote in the Student Union elections./ Bible study time./Some of of my friends are going to Tanzania in Africa for a christian missionary trip called Revive and I love their t-shirts.

Monday marked a year since I had my last relaxer so I have been growing my natural hair for over a year now. I did a detailed post where I talked about my natural hair journey so far and you can read about it here.

My week was filled with revision everyday from morning till night and I spent most of my time in the common room with my friends and other students studying. The only time I left was when I went back to my flat to get some food. It was a very intense couple of days but I am glad the exam is over. My synoptic exam went well. The questions that came were good questions and even though there was a bit of an issue with timing for most of us, I was able to finish. Hopefully, I have done well in that one. I have 2 more- one tomorrow and another on Friday and then I will be done.

We went on more house viewings after our exam on Thursday and my friend's mum who came down to help us view the houses bought us free lunch which was very nice of her :)

On Friday, I gave a tour to some Chinese students who had come all the way from China to attend an open day or something like that at the uni. They were all interested in medicine and so they came to find out more about the university and the course. It was a new interesting experience because even though it wasn't my first time giving a campus tour, it was the first time with a group of only international students at school. I had to try to keep them interested because they were easily distracted. It was a good experience overall.

That was my week in a nutshell.
How did your week go?
Tell me about it in the comments below.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hope you visit again soon.
God bless :)


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