My Week #25 In Review (2016)

Semester 2 Exams, Anatomy Revision, OSPE exam, Planning A Surprise Birthday Party, End Of Exams,Hosting On Snapchat And Movie Night

 My Week 25 in my Filofax

Sunny weather/fried plantain and omelette for dinner/ Journalling time/ I had my first ever chicken kebab and it was very delicious. I love Indian food/ I found a proper anatomical model posing haha/ Revising for my anatomy exam using Achland's videos/ After exam looking around town/ After visiting this pet fish shop, I really do want a pet fish now./ Surprise birthday party for my friends.

I had my semester 2 exams on Monday and I thought it went well. The single best answer questions were alright and there were obviously a few that had really similar answers but overall they were fine. The short answer questions and data analysis questions were fine too.

I only 3 days or so to prep for anatomy and because I hadn't really gone back to my anatomy notes, that meant I was learning everything from the beginning. I used Achland's videos which were very helpful. The exam went well and I was just glad it was all over.
I helped set up a surprise birthday party for 2 of my friends whose birthdays are in July. It was a really nice time and we invited people obver to our flat, had some cake, snacks and played some games. The cake was really good.

My boarding school has a snapchat account where ex students can go on there and talk about their experiences from school or just share things about themselves or talk about any subject they want to talk about. I was the host on Friday and it was so good to interact with so many other people and even reunite with others who went to my boarding school that I hadn't spoken to for so long. I quite enjoyed the exerience of showing them what I get up during the day and also just to answer their questions and talk about myself.

Lessons Learnt This Week:

Psalm 50:5
"Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me."

These past couple of weeks have taught me a lot about the importance of opening up to God and crying out to Him in our days of distress. It is very easy for us to complain and wish God had never brought us into a situation in the first place but we often fail to tell Him how we feel. I have learnt that when we pour out our hearts to Him and tell Him how we feel, He will listen to us and He will step in and intervene. He does know what we ask before we even ask Him but He wants us to ask still.

Hope you all had an amazing week.
Keep enjoying the sun.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
God bless :)


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