The Gallery Of God #3 (A Photo Journal)


Hello everyone,
Today I have another post for you from my series "The Gallery Of God".
In this series, I share pictures I have taken recently. Pictures that illustrate the beautiful Gallery of our Creator.
You can check out the previous posts from this series here. 

A couple of weeks ago, my friend decided to make me go running with her because she was so convinced it was a good idea but I thought otherwise because I am not a massive fan of running. We were going to run to Tooting Common Pond and back but we had no idea how far away it was.
We found these really pretty flowers on our way there.

After what seemed to me like eternity, we finally got to the pond. I just loved the sight of the ducks floating around and minding their own business. It was such a peaceful sight.

I was moving around taking pictures and this beauty realised there were paparazzi around and so she (I'll assume it was female) decided to swim her way to us to get all the attention.
I had never been this close to a swan before so I took this opportunity to have a close look and they are beautiful creatures indeed.

I think she might have gotten bored of me and started drifting away.

I hadn't had enough of her yet so I decided to follow her and try to urge her to come back but she wasn't having it. She had made up her mind already.

 I kept following her but then she was swimming away really quickly and I couldn't keep up.
So I decided to forget the swan and focus on others who wanted attention- like these little beauties who were just enjoying the sun.

This duck was my favourite one. I love the mix of colours which just makes it so beautiful.

After a few more minutes of taking pictures and snapchatting, I was tired and we decided to head back home. We were so tired that we ended up walking all the way back. 
Am I glad I went to the Pond? Yes sure.
Am I glad I got to see the swans and ducks? Definitely.
Will I be going running again? Not anytime soon. Unless there is a really cool destination which is a lot closer :)

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post.
Which one is your favourite photo?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for stopping by.
God bless.


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