University: 5 Ways I Deal With Procrastination

Hello lovely people
 It is that time of the year again and with my end of year exams fast approaching, I have been egulfed in revision for the past couple of weeks. As a student, I think procrastination is one of those we all struggle with and I am very good at procrastinating. Over the past couple of days, I have tried new things to try and help me focus on revision and to deal with procrastination and so I thought I would quickly share these tips with you.

Being in the right environment: 
 I have come to realise that I procrastinate more when I amstudying in my room at halls than when I am in the library or in the computer room at university. My room is way too condusive for me and having many things around makes me easily lose focus and this kills my time. The only way I tend to deal with this is by going to the library or the computer room. I find that being around other people who are studying or just in the right environment motivates me to study more.
Phone out of sight:
 Another thing that really kills my time during a study session is my phone. Just having it in sight is enough reason for me to pick it up even if I don't have any notifications. I just like randomly scrolling through social media websites and doing any other thing but work and then later regretting the 10 minutes wasted. The way I deal with this is put my phone out of site. I keep it deep inside my bag or in one of the pockets in my jacket and before I know it, I have totally forgotten about it. This has really helped me a lot recently.
Website Blocks:
 If you can't use your phone, there's always your laptop right? Distracting websites for me are YouTube, checking my emails and even Blogger sometimes. There are apps that you can use to block distracting websites that are affecting your productivity. One of these websites is FocalFilter and it is a very useful tool. Another thing  I do is not even use a laptop at all so I would not have access to these websites in the first place.
Listening to music: 
 This could be both beneficial and distracting at the same time. If you are just listening to sounds or calming music like classical music, then it might help you focus more as music tends to make you avoid distraction from things happening around you. However, listening to music with lyrics just makes me want to sing along so this might not be for everyone.
Breaks and rewards:
I have discovered that I don't take enough breaks when I study for long periods of time but breaks can actually help you refocus. It is very hard to easily get distracted and so you can have a 10 minute break after a while and go for a little walk around or have a little snack and then continue. This might be very useful.

Hope this post was useful to anyone preparing for their exams.
How do you deal with procrastination.
Please do let me know in the comments below.
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God bless. 


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