University: 5 Ways I Survive During Exam Perid

Hello lovely people,
So  with my first exam in 6 days, I have to say that everything is becoming very real now. It is very easy to get stressed during exam period because there is always that constant anxiety of either not working hard enough, not being to able to remember the work you have already been through or still having a lot of work to cover.
Today I am going to be sharing with you all a few tips that help me survive during exam periods.

Making a plan:
 Making plans have always worked really well for me. I try to plan out the amount of work I want to cover before the starting each study session. This is especially helpful for the days leading to the exam because I find that it is easy to get really overwhelmed with the number of days left. Making a plan and sticking to it might be a really good strategy to help cover as much material as you can.
Eating healthy
 It is very easy to not eat enough during exam period because we get so engulfed with doing work and we forget about food because we do not feel hungry.
It is very important to make time out to have food even if you don't feel hungry. You do want to make sure that you replenish all the energy you are using up so I think this is very important.
Staying Hydrated
 This is something I always forget to do. It is very easy  to go a whole day without drinking water when we are so busy with revision but staying hydrated keeps up going so do try to drink enough water.
Taking Breaks
 Like I mentioned in my previous post about procrastination, I think taking breaks can be very useful sometimes. If you feel overwhelmed, it might be worth taking a short break just to re-boost your energy and then you can start again.
Last but not the least, it is very important to not compromise your sleep. All nighters have always been a bad idea for me but I don't know if it might work for some of you. I just feel that I retain more information if I let my brain rest at night when it is supposed to be resting, and then wake up early and refreshed and continue working. Some of my friends do like working until the early hours of the morning and if this works for you then by all means carry on doing what works best for you. I just have never found all nighters especially helpful for me so I do try to get as much sleep as I can get.

How do you guys survive during exam period?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading :) 


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