My Week #26 In Review (2016)

P.S: I am a bit late with the weekly updates. This post was supposed to go live last Sunday but I didn't get round to actually posting it due to some problems with uploading the photos. The post for this Sunday will go live in a few days.

Binge Watching Movies, New Month And The Full House Hunting Story

My friend and I made puff puff. They came out a lot nicer than the last ones we made and they tasted nice./ Me making noodles./ I was so bored I braided my scarf with one of my extensions and then used it to make a bun. After wearing the bun for a day, I decided it was way too colourful and I took it off haha./ Trying to scan using the printer at uni./ I sent a pocket letter to my pen pal in Belgium for her 21st birthday./ I made fried rice.

I spent this week in London and even though we had finished writing all our exams, I could not go home because I had not found a house to live in for next academic year yet. So today, I thought I would finally tell you guys our full house hunting story.

We started looking for houses in May and I remember we booked our very first viewing on the 23rd. That first viewing was a horrible experience and the house was not for us in any shape or form so we booked many more viewings and for about 2 weeks we saw quite a few houses but couldn't choose any because we kept looking at ones which were available quite early. We finally found a house as a 4 (me and 3 of my friends) and we even went as far as paying the holding fee to get the house off the market. We were about to send in the guarantor forms when complications arose and the real estate agents ended up putting the house back on the market and returning our money.
Shortly after, one of my friends pulled out and we started looking as a 3. Finding a decent 3 bedroom house in London for a good price that is close to uni was a bit of a challenge for us and so we decided to get 2 other people to join us in the search and we became a 5.
Our 5 didn't even last a week and another person pulled out so we were back to a 4. This time around as a 4, we found a house we all liked and were about to pay the holding fee when one of my other friends dropped out due to personal reasons. At this point, I was quite frustrated and stressed with the whole situation. Going back to a 3 was not very ideal and we couldn't find any thing we all could agree with so in the end I decided to start looking for single rooms.
There is a Facebook page where students from my university advertise available bedrooms in the houses they live in and so I contacted one of the students who told me one of the rooms in their 3 bedroom house was available. I decided that I was going to go for that instead and I broke off from the group. Telling my friends that I didn't want to live with them anymore was a very hard thing for me to do as I felt really bad for leaving them so late in the game but it was a very stressful situation for me and I just had to take a decision which I thought was best and they understood me.
So hopefully, when all the paperwork is finalised, I will be living with 2 older years next year- one of the students will be starting her 4th year of medicine and the other does not go to my uni.

That is the whole story in a nutshell of why I had to stay back at uni after exams. Even though most students had gone home. it was not very boring staying back at halls. I watched loads of movies, lazied around all day, tried to read some books and of course did some house hunting.

It is the second half of the year 2016 and I am starting to get the summer vibe now that the sun has decided to show up more.

Song Of The Month
I am overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave

"I delight myself in you in the beauty of your glory. 
I run into your arms. 
I am unashamed because of mercy. 
I am overwhelmed by you."

Hope you all had an amazing week and I hope July goes well for all of you.
Thanks for stopping by.
God bless :)


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