My Week #29 In Review (2016)

More Sun, More Driving Lessons And Out With My Friends At Turtle Bay And Sprinkles

Having a salad bowl during my break at work/ My friends and I having Cookie Sensation sundae on a waffle at sprinkles./ My yummy healthy breakfast./ On the train to Southampton. I started reading a new book called "Setting Goals"./ Having plantain at Turtle Bay./ Having jerk chicken wrap at Turtle Bay. 

This week started out with more sun shinning upon us which was a blessing. I worked on Monday and it was very hot on the ward as expected. The fans seemed not to be helping very much but apart from changing our uniforms to something lighter like scrubs, I don't think we would be able to escape the heat on the wards.

I met up with my friends from college earlier this week. It is always so nice to catch up with them after months of being apart. Most of my friends from college have all graduated from uni now and they are in search of jobs. It is a strange idea to get used to but I am fine with it and I am so happy for them. They are all going into the real world now and I wish them nothing but the best. We went to Turtle Bay for a meal and then later on to Sprinkles for desert. The food was absolutely delicious. If you are in the UK, have you ever been to Turtle Bay or Sprinkles?

I also had my first driving lesson with an automatic car this week. When I started my driving lessons last year, I did 3 lessons with a manual car before going off to uni as I didn't have time to do my test before going off to uni. This time around, I decided to go with automatic and hopefully, I will be ready for my test before the year runs out.

How was your week?
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God bless :)


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