My Week #30 In Review (2016)

More driving lessons, Signing My Tenancy Agreement, London Bridge And A Day Out In London

In the waiting room waiting to meet the landlord of the house I will be living in next year./ Having some hot chocolate while going through some paperwork for my tenancy agreement./ At london bridge./ Quote from the underground station./ More photos around London bridge./ The shard :)

"Dream as if you will live forever. 
Live as if you will die tomorrow."

This week, I had a few more driving lessons and I drove around a lot getting used to pedestrian crossings and roundabouts and also driving at high speeds. Hopefully after a few more lessons I will become more confident and then I can maybe use my dad's car to practise driving around instead of paying for so many driving lessons. The price for driving lessons has increased which is so annoying because I really love my instructor and don't really want to go to another driving school. So my plan is to stick to my instructor but hopefully over the next few weeks when I become more confident, get less lessons and practise with my dad's car.

I also went to London this week to sign my tenancy agreement for the house I will be living in from September. I can gladly say now that I have a place I will be staying in. It has been a really stressful journey trying to find a house this year that I don't really think I would want to go through the same process again next year so I'm thinking maybe I will apply to stay at halls of accommodation in my third year. But until then, I am just happy I have been able to sort out a place at least. If you haven't read my full house hunting story, then you can do so by clicking here.
The appointment I had was in London Bridge so after that, I had a little look around and then went back to Tooting to meet up with my friend. I finally left London for home at around 6:30pm which wasn't too late.

How was your week guys?
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God bless :)


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