University: First Year Biomed Term Three Review

I got out of my comfort zone and I applied for the post of secretary for the paediatric soceity and I got the position. The committee members went out for a meal at Banana leaf./ Most of my term was spent hunting for houses and so Google Maps became my favourite app of all time./ I managed to teach clinical skills twice this term and the station I taught was the basic life support station making use of that cadaver. I have to find a name for it now/ Sunday afternoon revision sessions./ Student union campaigns and elections were a major event this term and we had to vote for a new SU president, vice and many other positions./ I discovered an African market in Tooting which sells African food./ Anatomy revision./ More anatomy revision./ Last day of exams, I helped plan a birthday surprise party./ I am going to miss my room at halls of accommodation a lot and my amazing view too.

Talent Show Case

One of the major things that happened to me this term was the fact that I got to choreo a dance for the dance soceity act for our talent showcase at uni. If you have been reading my blog for a while you might have noticed that I do love dancing and I took part in all the shows we had this year. Even though I love dancing, I never would have thought that I would be able to choreograph a dance. It was such an amazing experience to be a part of and it did build my confidence as a leader, it also built my organisation and team working skills. The best thing about it is that the dance soceity won the showcase and we won the cash prize of £300 which was nothing short of amazing.

House Hunting
I did do a lot of house hunting this term trying to find a house to stay in next academic year. It was a very stressful process for me and if you want to read my full house hunting story, you can read it here.

End Of Lectures

We finished lectures about a week before our first exam and even though I had been thinking the week was not enough, it was enough for me when the time came. I was a bit scared of the synoptic exam mainly because we had to prepare to write two essays and the questions could be on anything we had been taught for the whole year.  

The exam I worried about the most was the synoptic exam but God saw me through everything and gave me peace to keep believing and pushing through. 
The day before my synoptic exam, I spoke to one of my friends who had an idea of the questions that came up the previous year and then I went up to my room and revised those bits with my flatmate because I realised if those questions came up again, I probably wouldn't have been able to answer them (not that I expected them to repeat the same questions again.)
To my absolute shock, the next day in the exam, I realised that those same things I had revised came up in one of the questions and I was so speechless. 
God is just so amazing and He indeed answers prayers.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give

 you. I do not give to you as the world 

gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled 

and do not be afraid.

John 14:27

A few weeks ago, they released the general pass/fail marks for our exams and I found out that I had passed. The uni also said that they were going to send out letters with a breakdown of our results. They said they were going to send the letters out at the end of July so we were expecting to receive it sometime at the end of July but the letters didn't come until the first of August. 
Now as some of you may know, I had tried to apply for medicine three times before and I didn't get in so I had decided to do Biomedical Science at St George's because they do offer the transfer to medicine scheme. This means that if we get 67% and above in both first and second year, we can apply to transfer to the second year of the 4 year graduate entry course the university offers. 
So even though I found out I had passed my exams weeks ago, it wasn't enough for me as I had to know if I had met the 67% cut off for this year.
I am very happy to say that my final mark for the whole of first year is over the 67% cut off so I am very well on track for the transfer still.
I am so grateful to God for seeing me through this year as it wasn't easy at all but I did in the end with His help. 
First year is over now so I am very much looking forward to second year :)

Are you at school or uni? Have you gotten results for your final exam? How did they go?
Thanks ever so much for visiting my blog.
God bless :)


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