Gratitude Journal Flip Through #5

Hello  guys,

Today I will be sharing with you a few more pages from my gratitude journal. If you want to have a look at my previous pages, you can click here.

The first prompt for week 17 was "The Things We Take For Granted".
I found this quote online and this prompt got me thinking about the little things we take for granted sometimes in life which are the very things that some others are being deprived of in other parts of the world so it is very important to keep thanking God for the things we have.

The second prompt for week 17 was "Eyesight". 
I decided to put a little picture of my glasses there. I am very grateful that not only do I have eyes- but I also have the ability to see and also when things gets a bit fuzzy, I can use my glasses. I had been putting off wearing glasses for a long time even though I am a bit short sighted and I even managed to go through college without wearing them but I finally got my first pair of glasses last year. I still try not to wear them all the time so I only wear them when I drive and when I absolutely have to in the lecture theatre. I don't have to wear them all the time but I am grateful they are there when I need them :)

The first prompt for week 18 was "The Weather". We had been having a lot of unpredictable weather around this time and so it was really nice to see that some days when we weren't expecting it, we would get sunshine.

The second prompt for week 18 was "Mothers"and if any of you have seen any of my previous flip throughs you might have noticed I had already done this pompt but I decided to do it again because I can never ever stop thanking God for my my mum.

The first prompt for week 19 was "Health". As some of you may know, I do work in a hospital and although our job is to try and nurse patients back to health, it's not always a success and the road to recovery itself can be a painful one. So I am very grateful to God for granting me, my family and loved ones good health so far :)

The second prompt for week 19 was "1 Good Thing". At the time I did this page, I had 2 jumbo cornrow braids with purple extensions and these purple extensions became a great conversation starter especially when I was at work. So many patients and their families loved it and it was so good to see them smile even if it was just because of the purple hair. Even when I went out into town, I was approached by strangers telling me they loved my hair and even though I was very pleased to be receiving compliments from people, I didn't see it as making myself feel good- I saw it as a way to brighten up their day and bring a smile to their faces :)

The first prompt for week 20 was "A Friend 2". I had done a page for a friend before and so when I did this one, I had another friend in mine. I am so grateful for the people I have as friends especially here at university. I have been able to meet so many lovely people who are very encouraging and making my uni experience so much more enjoyable so I'm grateful to God for that.

The second prompt for week 20 was "Clothes On My Back". I have so many clothes in my wardrobe mainly because I haven't really grown very much in height or size from when I was younger and so my old clothes still fit but I keep buying new ones and piling them up. I think I might have to give some of my old clothes away to make room for new ones. I am grateful to God because I have clothes to wear and He has given provision to buy new ones.

That is all for today guys. Please do come back and check if you want to see more pages from my gratitude journal.
Thank you so much for reading.
God bless :)


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