My Weeks #35 And #36 In Review (2016)

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Hello guys,
I am so sorry I haven't been able to post as regularly as I normally would over the past few weeks. I have been super busy recently but don't you all worry because I will be updating you guys about everything that I have been up to very soon.
So this post will cover what I did over the last 2 weeks because I missed the weekly post last week.

P.S: This is a very wordy post so you might want to grab a cup of tea or hot chocolate or something :)

It is September already can you all imagine that? Where has the time gone? September has come with so many blessings already and I hope that you guys are enjoying the surprisingly warm weather. It seems Summer doesn't want to leave us just yet. I hope you all have an amazing month.

Last week, I went for a five day camping trip in North Wales that was aimed at equipping young christian students for mission. I had an amazing time and I will hopefully be doing a whole post about that very soon.

"Let the waters rise I will stand as the oceans roar.
Let the earth shake beneath me let the mountains fall.
You are God over the storm and I am yours."

Lesson About Being Slow To Anger
So recently, God has been teaching me so much through my job as a HCA. As some of you may know I have been doing a lot of shifts this summer and if I haven't spent all of my summer working then I have spent a good part of it. The good thing about this is that when God wants to teach us certain things, it doesn't matter where we are as He can always use any situation and anyone.
I had a really busy shift at work a few days ago and it left me feeling exhausted and frustrated at myself and everyone around me too. If any of you work in a hospital environment, you might be able to relate with me on this one.

Sometimes, when things get tough it is very easy for us to get angry easily and not just at others but also at our ourselves. After work that day, I had a mixture of so many feelings including tiredness, anger and frustration. I came home that day and all I wanted to do was just cry. Fortunately, I stumbled upon an article online which was talking about being slow to anger (how appropriate eh?).

After reading this article, I learnt that we should not always expect everyone around us to act in a way that we want them to because they could have a very good reason for acting the way they do which we might not know about. As we know, one of the many attributes of God is that He is slow to anger and we as His children have to try and follow His example. I learnt that being slow to anger does not necessarily mean that we totally ignore what is going on around us. It just means that in every situation- be it good or bad, we still need to act in God's love and not let the anger get control of our thoughts and actions. (James 1:19)

So when you find yourself in tough situations and you see you are getting angry, try and do something that wouldn't lead you to sin- whether it is stepping away for a second or simply not saying anything. In my case, I just went to the restroom for a few minutes and had a good cry before going back. It might sound pathetic as I can be a cry baby sometimes but it did help me calm down. How do you guys react in infuriating situations? Please do let me know in the comments.

My Soft Spot For The Elderly
Another thing I realised these past few weeks is why I love working with elderly people so much. I have looked after elderly people throughout the time I have been working in the hospital but I have also looked after children in the past, teaching them and looking after them and I have to say I absolutely love children but I have always had a soft spot for the elderly. I was speaking to one of my colleagues at work and I love having conversations with him because he always asks me questions that make me think or reflect.

I got reminded of the fact that I did lose my grandparents when I was very young and even though they were such lovely people, they just weren't around long enough and so I feel like I was a bit deprived of the privilege of looking after them. I have a friend whose nan always comes down to visit him from Malaysia and she is so nice and the sweetest person you could ever meet. I wish sometimes that I would have had the opportunity to visit my grandparents often but I trust that God knows best.

I also feel that the whole experience might be the reason why I love looking after the elderly. They need to be shown love and the reassurance that they are cared for. I have so much love to give and besides, they could be my grandparents so I treat them the way I would have wanted mine to be treated.

This doesn't only apply to treating elderly people right, it applies to treating everyone right. We are all God's creation and Jesus loves us all the same. The Golden Rule (Matthew 7:12) is to do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

I feel like this post is already long enough and so I will leave everything else till later.
How has you week been?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thanks a lot for reading.
God bless :)


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