2016 Christian Book Haul

Hello guys,

Today I have got another book haul and I will be sharing with you some of the books that I have already read or that are on my "to read" list. I decided to read more Christian books as I feel like one of the ways of getting to know God is by finding out more about Him. Below are a list of the books currently in my collection alongside a little description of what they are about. You can check out my previous book hauls and book reviews here.

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The first book is called "When God said Remember" by Mark Finley and it is based on one of the ten commandments God gave Moses on Mt Sinai which says "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy". It is talking about how we view the "Sabbath" in our world today and why Christians go to church on a Sunday (the first day of the week) instead of the 7th day of the week like it used to be before the birth of the church. It is also answers important questions like "Who changed the day of the Sabbath?" and "Does the Sabbath have any significance anymore?". I haven't read this book yet but I am looking forward to reading it because I feel that these questions are important questions.
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The second book is called "The glorious church" by Watchman Nee. This one talks about how God views the church as a whole which includes all those who believe in Him. It uses 3 examples of significant representations of the church in the Bible and how He uses us to fulfill His purpose here on earth. I love the sound of that and I can't wait to read this one too.
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The third book is called "Overcoming fear with your faith" by Andrew Lloyd Adeleke. I struggle sometimes with fear and insecurities and doubts about God's protection and Him being there for me. What I fail to understand sometimes is that God has given us weapons to tackle this problem which is His word and it brings about our unshakeable faith in Him. This book talks about how to overcome this feeling of fear with the faith that we have in God. I haven't read it yet but I will defintely do a review of this one.
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The fourth book is called "Destiny Hidden In Dark Places" by Muyiwa Olumoroti and yes I know this one sounds a bit scary but this book talks about how to get ourselves out of "dark places" back unto the right path that God has chosen for us. For He knows the plans that He has for us, they are plans of good and not of evil and so this book will hopefully enlighten and encourage you that your dark places are only a stepping stone into your destiny. I am looking forward to reading this one too.
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And finally, I have this book which I am currently reading called "Secrets of a prayer warrior" by Derek Prince. This book is such an amazing read. It talks all about prayer, the types of prayers, the conditions for prayer, how to discover God's will and so many more important things. I will review this book when I finish reading it and I think I will start up a Bible study series on my YouTube channel too so we can go through this book together.

If you would like to be part of this then do check out my YouTube channel. Below is a video showing the above books in more detail so you can read the synopsis at the back of the books as well.

What do you think of these books?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thank you so much for reading guys.
Have a lovely day.
God bless :)


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