My Week #40 In Review (2016)

Our Special Study Project Title Allocations, Lecturer Singing Happy Birthday, Performing At The Afro-Carribean Soceity Meet And Greet, Watching Fashion Show Video From Last Year

I went back to halls of accommodation to visit my friend and her view from her window was just breathtaking. We were both on the first floor last year but this year she is on the fourth floor which means better views./ She also cooked pasta and chicken teriyaki which was really good :)/ I went to the auditions for Diwali show- which is another show to raise money for charity here at my uni but because the rehearsals for this show clashes with that for fashion show, I could only do this audition for fun as I am choreographing the African dance for Fashion show./ One of our lecturers showing us a dance video to help us learn anatomy/ I couldn't find a spoon to eat my yoghurt so I used a straw instead./ Watching the fashion show video from last year. it brought back so many memories.

Quote of the week:
"Have courage for the great sorrows of life; and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake."
-Victor Hugo

This week, we finally got allocated our titles for our special study project and I got one of my top choice which i was really pleased about. My project will be based around reproductive cell biology and there are two possible titles I can choose but I will know for certain which one I will be taking after I meet with my supervisor on Tuesday. My supervisor also happens to be my personal tutor which I think is a good thing as she can get to know me more.

We have a new lecturer teaching us this semester and we have had a lot of lectures with him so far. At the beginning, I wasn't to fond of his teaching style but I have slowly but surely warmed up to him over the past 2 weeks. He is very funny and even went as far as singing happy birthday to one of the students on her birthday before the start of the lecture. Now I wish he teaches us on my birthday so he can sing me happy birthday :D

This week, we also had our Afro Carribean soceity meet and greet which so many freshers had been waiting for. I choreographed a short afrobeat routine for this meet and greet and performed it with my friend. I was really nervous before the performance but I am glad I did it because it was fun and everyone loved it. It was nice to eat, dance, sing and just spend time with the freshers and older years.

We also got to finally watch the fashion show video from last year. The crew from last year didn't have the time or opportunity to get together to watch the video of the show which took place in November 2015. It was nice to finally watch it and just bring back some really fin memories.

How has your week been?
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God bless :)


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