My Week #41 (2016)

Learning The Fashion Show Audition Dance Routine, Meeting My SSP1 Supervisor And Fashion Show Auditions

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Nandos with my friends/ Having soup for lunch/ I had the most amazing pulled pork barbecue wrap ever./ I found myself being the last one to leave the computer room. Says a lot about how long I had been in there for./ Learning the audition routine for Fashion Show.

My Quote of the Week
Keep Believing

This week was quite a busy one for me as I had to balance out my time between learning and teaching the audition piece for our fashion show auditions and also keep on top of my uni work. After learning the routine on Sunday my friends and I went to Nandos which was really good as I hadn't been there in a while. Fashion Show auditions was on Tuesday and Thursday. There were so many good dancers and it was really heartbreaking to only be able to choose some people out of the many. It was a very fun and exciting experience though and I definitely learned a lot from being on the other side. We have also been working on our routine for the African dance since that is the dance I will be choreographing and it has been going well so far.

I finally had a meeting with my SSP1 supervisor about the essay I am writing. She is also my personal tutor and so it has made things a lot easier for me as I already know her. I sent her a plan for my essay and I started doing some research already which is really exciting. I will be writing about how fetal cells interact with maternal immune cells to prevent them from getting rejected by the mother's body even though fetal cells are semi foreign cells. I think it is a very interesting topic and I am very excited to start writing my essay.

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