My Week #42 In Review (2016)

My Paracetamol Practical, Keeping Up With The Work, Accidents In My Home Country And My First Time Attending Festival Of Life

During my Scenario Based Learning Tutorial/ On the coach to the Festival of Life at Excel London Hall/ A ministration from the choir at the Festival Of Life./ Accidents that happened in my home country/ Walking to uni on Sunday afternoon and almost blinded by the rays of sunshine. Could not capture the brightness with the photo. This just reminded me of the glory of God. A manifestation of His holy presence :)

Bible Verse Of The Week

"If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land"

2 Chronicles 7:14 

This week, I started writing my essay for my SSP1 project and so far, I can say that I have finished writing the introduction and the first topic in my main body. There are three different areas I will be talking about in my main body and I have finished writing about one of them so I need to read about the other 2 and write about them. The first draft of the project is due on the 4th of November which is not very far away.

I received some tragic news about what happened in my home country- Cameroon this week. There was a train accident that took the lives of so many people and 2 other minor accidents that happened but thankfully no one was killed. It broke my heart to see all that happen in just one day and I pray that God comforts the hearts of all those who have lost their loved ones. This experience just reminded me of the importance of praying for the land we live in and the land we call our home. The verse in 2 chronicles says that if we- the children of God who are called by His name humble ourselves and pray and turn from our sin, God will hear our prayer and forgive us and heal our land.

On a slightly happier note, I had a paracetamol practical this week and unlike my aspirin practical a few weeks ago where student volunteers had to take the aspirin and measure the amount excreted in their urine, this practical involved using real life patient serum samples and measuring the concentration of paracetamol in them. I really did enjoy this practical and it was nice to see that by following the instructions correctly, we can actually come up with good data from the experiments. For the first time in a while, I actually enjoyed my lab practical so that was a good feeling for me.

Finally, I got to attend the Festival of Life in excel London this weekend. I had been waiting for this for ages and was so glad I decided to go in the end. It was a night filled with singing, choirs, drama, praise, worship, praying and dancing. The service finished at about 5am but the praise and worship session was so good my friend and I didn't want to leave. We ended up staying there till about 5:30 but we had to leave to go catch our coach back home. I finally got home at about 6:30am but it was a fun-filled night and I thank God so much for the experience.

How has your week been?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
God bless :)


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