My Week #43 In Review (2016)

Start Of Fashion Show Rehearsals And My Daniel Fast, Teaching Afrobeats Routine At Dance Soc, Hosting On My Boarding School Snapchat, Handing In My Practical Write Up

Start of my Daniel Fast with some granola, bananas and raisins/ Giving out free doughnuts are Halloween Disco/ Cracking on with my SSP essay. I'm almost done with my first draft/ Another Daniel fast inspired recipe of stuffed peppers with couscous and black beans/ I managed to scratch my eyelid while practising one of my dances/ Having quinoa salad at Nando's.

 Favourite Quote of the week 
"Life can leave you so bitter but you must believe that it gets better"
-Jessica Reedy

This week, the Fashion show rehearsals started and I am in 3 main dances and 1 open medley dance. Last year I was only in 2 main dances and then an opening and closing medley. I am in quite a few hip hop dances which are new to me as I am used dancing to Afrobeats and street but I am looking forward to this new experience. Some of you may remember that I am co-choreographing the African dance for Fashion show this year so I had to teach the boys their part of the dance which is a whole new experience for me but I am loving it.

This week, I also started my Daniel Fast and I will be doing it for 12 days so my fast will end on Friday. This is a whole new experience for me as well as it is actually the first time I am doing the Daniel fast. I want to make fasting a part of my lifestyle and not just when something goes wrong and when asked to so I decided to start with this. I love opportunities like this which help me work on my relationship with God plus there are so many other benefits that come with it as well. If you want to find out more about the Daniel fast, what it is, why it is beneficial and some recipes, you can click here. 

This week, I also taught my third afrobeat dance class at dance soceity and although the attendance wasn't as great as the last time, it was still fun to teach :)
I hosted again on my boarding school snapchat account and it was really fun to do it again. The last time I hosted was in June and I made lots of new friends so it was nice to go back and talk to all the people on there like my old friends from school.

I finally handed in my Aspirin practical write up. Some of you might remember I did a lab practical a few weeks ago where I had to take aspirin and then pass urine in order to measure it's concentration in my urine. Well the write up for that was due in on Wednesday and it is finally over and done with. Now the next deadline is for the first draft of my SSP1 essay which is due on Friday. I will be going home next Friday so it will be fun to see my family again after a good couple of weeks. 

Second year is hectic guys but I am getting there slowly but surely by God's special grace. 
How was your week guys?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
God bless :)  


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