My Week #44 In Review (2016)

Week 2 Fashion Show Rehearsals, First Draft of SSP1 Deadline, Guy Fawkes Night And Home For The Weekend
Fried rice, jollof rice and chicken from home/ Guy Fawkes night fireworks/ A nigerian meal called moi moi/ Me cooking jollof rice/ Soup for lunch

This week was the second of our rehearsals for Fashion Show and I have to say that our African dance is coming on really well. The dancers are picking up the moves really well and with hard work and a lot of practice, I think it will look amazing on the show day.

I submitted the first draft of my essay this week and it was nice to finally have a breather after reading so many research papers and staring at the screen for ages trying to write out what you understand from so many words. My similarity report on turnitin was 15 percent which scared me for a bit but after looking at the things that were picked up as similarities, I was reassured that it didn't really matter.

I spent Guy Fawkes Night at home with my family and it was such a lovely weekend. It was nice to see my siblings and parents after a while and it was nice to just have a little break from university so I had a lovely time at home. 

Song Of The Month
You're Bigger by Jekalyn Carr

"The devil is an opposer and he will never tell me the truth. Anytime he tells me I'm not something, I always say "I am that". 
Anytime he tells me I am something, I always say "I'm not that". 
I know that God is bigger"
How was your week?
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Thanks for reading.
God bless :)


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