My Weeks #45 and #46 In Review (2016)

Paediatric Soceity Lecture, Donald Trump Wins The US Elections, Getting Feedback For My Essay, FS First Weekend Rehearsals, Socials, Convinced 2016 And Operation Christmas Child

I have been away for way too long because I have been super busy with uni and dance rehearsals and I haven't really had time to update you guys on my uni life. The show is in a few days so I will have my free time back. I have a lot of posts that will be coming up in the next couple of weeks so I am looking forward to sharing with you guys. This week, I bring you a two week update so enjoy :)

Christian Union movie night/ Dinner with my uni daughter at Dip and flip. The milkshake was really good/ Sweets at one of the lunch bars/ Packing a box for Operation Christmas Child/ Burgers at Dip and Flip/ Curry at Fashion Show social/ Trying to go through neurology notes/ Food at one of the lunch bars

Some of you may know that for this year, I am the secretary of my university's paediatric soceity. We had our first ever lecture of the year  2 weeks ago and we had 5 paediatricians come in and talk to us about why they chose paediatrics and what they love and hate about the specialty. It was a really interesting talk and the questions asked at the end were really thought provoking.

The victorious win of Donald Trump 2 weeks ago came as a shock to some people and honestly I was not at all surprised by the results. It is in times like this that I see that the human values and what people believe to be right and wrong has been completely flipped around. I know though that God is in control and nothing would happen if it weren't His will.

I also finally got feedback for the first draft of my  essay. It was very helpful because my tutor printed everything out and gave me such detailed feedback so I can be able to work on the changes she suggested. I have already started making the neccessary changes and I will hopefully be finished well before the deadline.

My past 2 weekends have been filled with rehearsals on both Saturday and Sunday and so it has been so busy. Our African dance is looking really good and I am really loving the progress we have made so far. I especially love the fact that our dancers have fun with the dance. It warms my heart to see that they have fun with it and it just makes all the hard work worth it. I can't wait for us to perform it on the show nights. We also had a social for all the cast of the Fashion show and we went to a curry house. The food was really good and it was such a fun night. 

Last week was a week of event organised by the Christian Union. We had lunch bars every day all week and we had speakers give talks on the big questions like is there life after death?, does christianity cause wars?, was Jesus' death significant?, Is Jesus the only way? and has science buried God? I thought the talks were very interesting and they spearked some really interesting questions. We also had a movie night where we watched the movie Hurtlocker and also a CU dinner. The food was really good and the whole week was really amazing with a lot of amazing testimonies.

This year, I also decided to take part in the charity called Operation Christmas Child. If you have never heard about this charity, I will be doing a whole new post about it so keep an eye out for that.

How has your week been? 
Please do let me know in the comments down below
Thanks so much for reading.
God bless :)


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