10 things I learnt In 2016

Hello lovely people,

I can't believe this is the end of another year. 2016 is already over. I remember writing my 2015 
review post about the same time last year and it's already time for another review of the year. 
We all know 2016 has had it's ups and downs. A lot of things happened this year and I'm sure a lot of people would most likely remember this year for all these not so good things that happened. One of my challenges for 2016 was a gratitude challenge and I have learnt to always count it all joy even in the midst of trials. God has been faithful and He has taught me so many things this year which I will be gladly sharing today.

1. Dwelling on our past experiences do nothing but prevent us from moving forward. It also prevents us from seeing how God is working in our lives. God has such amazing plans for us so we need to stop dwelling on the past.

2. Life has so many ups and downs and sometimes it can get overwhelming when we try to do it all on our own. We need to remember there's only so much we can do. Do your best and leave the rest in the capable hands of God.

3. Sometimes we get tempted and it is very easy to pour out our frustrations on others. But even in times like this, we have to remember to be slow to anger. Being slow to anger does not mean we become blind to the wrongdoings around us. It just means that even in the moments of frustration, we can still walk in God's love.

4. The devil is a liar and he always tried to make us feel we are not good enough to fulfill our God-given goals. He brings about self doubt and tries to take away our confidence and faith but when we say that are not good enough, then we simply mean that God is not able. We need to stop believing those lies because the truth is we are not dumb, we are made in the image of God, we are surrounded with favour from God, we are the head and not the tail, we are complete in Him, God stengthens and leads us and He will do so till the very end.

5. We need to stop waiting for when we feel qualified or when we believe we've got what it takes. It is not until we step out that we will know what it feels like. 

"Stop being so afraid. Don't talk yourself out of your dreams. You are just as good as everyone else. You have every right to go after your dreams. Believe in yourself. Believe in the One who lives in you"

6. Want to know God's will for your life? Then read His Word and relate His promises to your situation. He orders our steps and He has a plan for us. If we pray with a sincere heart and are willing to surrender to His will, He will reveal the perfect path He has for us. We will know by the doors of opportunities that open and shut, We will be able to tell by what excites our spirit by the tugging in our hearts. We have to remember to be prayerful and always anticipate His leading.

7. It is very easy to get distracted by the things going us around us and to lose focus on what is important. It is important to be aware of what is going on around us however, we need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus because He is the most important above everything else.

8. It is ok to trust God even with the "little things" because to be honest nothing is little in His eyes. He cares about you and everything you care about so trust Him to also be in control of the minor events in your life.

9. Obedience to God is the best thing that one can ever decide to do. God delights in people who obey Him and if we wait in His presence, He will give us the desires of our hearts.

10. He has given us the boldness to reach out and be ambassadors of Christ and so we need to take this identity in Christ, own it and let others see Jesus in everything we do because in Him, we live and move and have our being.

These lessons have also helped build my faith a lot this year. I have grown so much and I have realised that putting Christ at the centre of everything I do puts everything into place. I am very grateful for my blog and also my growing YouTube channel and for all the amazing people I have been able to meet this year. You all have made this year really special and I thank God so much for your lives. I pray 2017 will be an even better year for all of us and that God will continue to show Himself strong in our lives. 

"Choose not to settle. Pursue your God-given goals, knowing that it's never too late to accomplish everything God has placed in your heart"

What has 2016 taught you?
Please do let me know in the comments below :)
Thanks for reading.
God bless.


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