Blogmas 2016: The Story Behind "The Little Drummer Boy"

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Hello lovely people,
Continuing in the festive spirit of blogmas, I decided to bring you yet another post today about one of my favourite Christmas songs. There was a post I put up last week about why I love Christmas songs and I also shared some of my favourite Christmas songs. One of them is "Little Drummer Boy" and my absolute favourite version is that by Pentatonix. I had always listened to that song but never actually paid any attention whatsoever to the lyrics but one day the lyrics actually spoke to me.

But of course I know it wasn't the lyrics speaking. It was God speaking to me through the lyrics of the song. And now I want to share with you guys why I love this song so much and why the lyrics mean so much to me.

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This song from its name tells the story of the little drummer boy who was brought before Jesus to present His gift to the New Born King.
Now I'm sure most of us know the nativity story very well and we know there was no drummer boy but to be honest, I do like the fact that they included a drummer boy in this song.
This little drummer was told that he was going to see the King of Kings who had been born and was asked to bring the finest gifts he had. Gifts that are fit to give to a King. Now if I ever had to visit the Queen of England and had to buy her a gift of some kind, I would immediately think of the most expensive things because she is a very classy lady. In the same way, this drummer boy was expected to bring expensive gifts to present before Jesus. We know that the three wise men who had come from afar brought what they thought were their finest gifts and presented Jesus with gold, frankincense and myrrh. All these gifts are very expensive and definitely fit enough to give a King.

I like the fact that this song does not only  say they had to present gifts to Jesus but it says why they had to do that. The reason for this was to give Him honour and glory. It was an act of worship to the Saviour acknowledging that He was the Messiah.

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The story then goes on to say that the boy examined himself and thought he was too poor and could never bring a gift fit enough to give a King. He said he was unworthy and had nothing to offer. He did not have gold or frankincense or myrrh to present before Jesus but he had a drum. His little drum is all he had and he asked if He could play for Jesus. Mary nodded and asked Him to go ahead and he played his drum for Jesus.

The part that gets me the most in this song is when he says "I played my best for Him". So he didn't have the most expensive materialistic gifts but with the little he had that God had given Him, he used it to bring the best gift he could ever possibly give. And of course the part that warms my heart is when it says that Jesus smiled at Him. This was confirmation that His gift had been accepted.

Isn't this such a wonderful story? I believe that children of God can all relate to the little drummer boy in this story. Thinking about all the good things God has done for us, we can  never ever be able to repay him. Fortunately for us, He is not interested in materialistic gifts but He is interested in what our hearts have to offer. We can offer up our praise, worship, thanksgiving and use our gifts to bring glory to His name. He has given each and everyone of us gifts and we can all use these gifts to bring honour to Him.

We do not have to be the richest person on earth to please God and He is not interested in our money or our accomplishments or the things we can or cannot do. He is only interested in our hearts. Truly, the Lord delights in the hearts of those who love Him. So I would like to encourage you guys today to use whatever gift God has given you to honour Him. If you can sing, dance, encourage others, pray with others, help others or if you can even play an instrument like a drum, use these gifts to bless others and by doing this, it will bring God glory.
No matter how small this gift or talent is, use it to honour Him and watch Him prove Himself to you.

"In the same way, let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Heavenly Father in Heaven"
Matthew 5:16

God is just amazing guys and I hope I have been able to make you see also how amazing He is.
Never dim your light. Put it on for the whole world to see and glorify our Heavenly Father.

So what do you think of this song?
What other Christmas songs do you love?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thank you so much for reading.
God bless :)


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