University: Second Year Biomed Term One Review

Hello lovely people,

This is a long overdue post that I was supposed to have put up over the Christmas break but since I was occupied with many other things, I didn't have the time to write it. I have finally gotten a bit of time so I decided to let you all know how my first term as a second year Biomedical Science student went.

Being a university mum
My uni has a mum and dad system where they assign freshers to second years who would be their uni mums and dads. This system is basically to help the freshers to be able to settle in nicely so they can get help when they need it. I initially only wanted one child but I ended up with three daughters. I love every bit of being a uni mum. I think it comes naturally to me as I am the oldest child so I am used to looking after siblings. I just love helping out my daughters with academic work in any way that I possibly can and also organising outings with them when they need a break. 
It's been really nice to watch them grow and settle in nicely into uni so when they do well in their uni assignments, lab practicals and stuff, it makes me really proud. 

Special Study Project
One of our big assessments for this term was the first part of our special study project which was basically an essay we had to write. This essay had to be between 2500-3000 words and the big thing about this project was that it was the first real essay we wrote at uni. We did write an essay at the beginning of first year but it was not assessed. This SSP was therefore kind of a big deal for some of us. I loved every bit of this process and I was very happy with my results in the end. Apart from the fact that the whole process was time consuming, it helped develop a lot of my writing skills and I learnt a lot while writing the essay. 

I was able to find out more about how to carry out research, how to analyse information and data from research papers, distinguishing between primary and secondary research papers, picking out the relevant information from all these papers, organising my thoughts and writing out the structured essay. It took me a longer time to do research because there were just too many papers out there about my topic and this made the process a bit tedious but once I found the information I needed, writing wa not a problem.

Another challenge I faced was with paraphrasing and just rewriting information in my own words. I was still scared of being accused of plagiarism even when I was submitting my final draft but thank God that went well and my similarity report was fine. I learnt a lot about organising my writing to make it flow better and my supervisor was really helpful throughout the whole process. This has gotten me a bit excited for third year dissertations and just carrying out research in general so I am looking forward to it now.

The modules we have for this semester are kind of similar to what we had for first year. We still have a module where we learn the same material as the medics but we also have our own Biomed specific module which I didn't like at first. This module of ours is focused on therapeutics and investigations so we have been learning a lot about techniques used in research in the labs and also about how some imaging techniques work. It is a quite complicated to try and understand but I find it quite interesting. The more I learn about these, the more I get interested in research. We also had a few interesting practicals this term. Some of you might have read about my experience during my aspirin practical and also the paracetamol practical. They were fun to do and I actually enjoyed the practicals.

Fashion Show
Last but not the least is my Fashion Show dance charity show which took place at the end of November 2016. This was the first time I choreographed a dance for an actual show here at my uni and it was an amazing experience. The theme of our dance was centered around the black lives matter movement and it was nice to see that the message was passed across and well received. I love choreographing and I am looking forward to more of the fun when I choreo for our next dance charity show in March.

Are any of you at university/school/college?
How did your first term go?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading
God bless :)


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