My Week #7 In Review (2017)

Third Week Of Tooting Show Rehearsals, Third Year Modules And Research Projects Open Day And A Day Out In Brighton


 Day out in Brighton. Bus ride, the Brighton stadium./ My friend was a really good host. She made us jollof rice and chicken, pizza and chips/ We also had a delicious Belgian chocolate cake for dessert.

Quote of the week
"Don't treat others the way they treat you. Treat others the way God treats you."
-Dave Willis 

This week was a very busy one for me in terms of dance rehearsals and taking care of other university related stuff. It was the third week of Tooting Show dance rehearsals and as usual, it was a bit overwhelming but I manged to pull through by God's special grace. Everyone asks me how I seem to be able to manage my time during these hectic periods of my life but the truth is I don,t know how I do it- only God does.

 On Wednesday, we had a third year module open day at uni where we had talks on the various research projects and modules that the university offers in third year and we have to make a decision to which ones we would like to do. I went into the talks thinking that I knew what I wanted to do but after the open day, I was a bit more torn between some of the modules. The process is a lot harder than I thought and there are many factors that I have to consider before making my final decisions. Fortunately, the deadline to make our decisions is at the end of March so I guess I have still got a bit of time.

I went to Brighton on Saturday and met up with my friends. One of them goes to the university of Sussex and she was kind enough to give us a tour of her university. The weather that day was really lovely and it was their uni open day as well so we got to see a lot of parts of the uni that we wouldn't have been able to see on a normal day. After the tour, she took us to her place and gave us some jollof rice, pizza, chips and we also had a delicious chocolate cake. After eating we went out into Brighton town and explored a bit more of the city and also went to the pebble beach and we watched the beautiful sunset that evening. It was a beautiful sight and so lovely to see God's handiwork :)

I had the privilege of having one of the most wonderful experiences in Brighton with my friends. While we were in Brighton town, we had the opportunity of speaking to and helping out a homeless man and then at the end we were able to pray for him as well. This experience thought me a lot about thinking about the needs of others and not just ourselves. We are all part of God's creation and when we made to love and be loved so when we receive God's love, we should not hesitate to share it with the world.

What was the highlight of your week?
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thanks for reading.
God bless :)


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