My Week #12 In Review (2017)

Spring Is Here, Camp NanoWriMo Prep, Treasurer Of The CU, Sending Off SRF Aplication, Organising Volunteering Shifts, Westminster Attack, My Brother's 18th Birthday, Mother's Day

Food my mum made for my brother's birthday/ My first time in a Thai Restaurant/ A trip to Kaspas/ I absolutely love Kaspas

Quote of the Week:
"Those who follow the crowd usually get lost in it. Why blend in when you were born to stand out?"

Spring is finally here and you can tell from the sunny spells we have been having lately. We have survived another Winter. Praise be to God. I really cannot wait for the Summer as I am already  getting sick of the cold now. This past week was quite a busy one for me.

I finally sent off the second application for my summer studentship research programme. My supervisor has been really helpful throughout the whole process and God willing, we will be able to get funding for the project. We will hear back within 6 weeks about the outcome of the application so I will update you guys when I hear back from the organisation we applied to.

This week, I also was officially voted in to be the treasurer of the Christian Union for next academic year. I was approached a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to be take on the role and I took some time out to pray about it. I realised that it would be an absolute honour to be part of such amazing service to God so I gladly accepted it. I am looking forward to the next year and excited for the challenges and the adventures. But most of all, I am excited to see what God is going to do through our CU and how is He is going to glorify Himself through us.

Some of you may know that I am the Secretary of the Paediatric Soceity for this academic year. I was given the job of organising volunteering shifts for students at the university hospital and it has been a whole new challenge on its own. I have had to deal with checking DBS certificates, sending and receiving a lot of emails and it has also made me realise how limited my knowledge of software is. I love the challege though and it has only taught me that I can do anything as long as I set my mind to it. 

Some of you may have heard of the Westminster attack that took place last Wednesday. My university is about 30mins away from Westminster by tube so it was quite close to us. I have been on that bridge so many times and just listening to the stories of the victims makes my heart sad as it could have been anyone. My heart goes out to those who have been affected and their families. May God continue to comfort them at this time of trial. And may the souls of those who passed away rest in perfect peace. 

My brother turned 18 on Thursday and I went home to celebrate with my family. I remember when I turned 18 as it was around the same time I started this blog. It's so amazing how time flies and how we grow and change to become much better people. I thank God for the journey and I hope and pray that it will only get better and better from here. I was also able to celebrate Mother's day with my family on the Sunday before coming back to uni in the evening. It was nice to spend a few days at home with my family. 

My Writing Series #3
(I'm joining Camp NanoWrimo April 2017)

For anyone following my book writing series, here is another exciting update for you all. I will be doing Camp NanoWrimo this April and if you do not know what that is, here is a video to explain it all.

How was your week?
I would love to know so please feel free to tell me in the comments below.
Thanks so much for reading.
Have a lovely day and God bless :)


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