My Week #13 In Review (2017)

Handing In Practical Write Up, End Of Term, My First Blood Donation, Start Of Camp NanoWrimo, Going Home For Easter

Filling in a questionnaire before blood donation/ They finally put the needle in after all the checks/ The end of the blood donation/ They gave me free snacks,/ Packing to go home/ A sneak peak into one of my poems on instagram

Quote Of The Week
"It's time to start listening to the only voice that matters. The voice that says "You're loved""

This week, I handed in one of my last practical write ups of this semester. We will have one more write up after Easter but this only means that we are nearing the end of second year.

I donated blood for the very first time this week. I was a bit scared at the beginning as I hadn't had a good night's sleep but I made sure to have a really good breakfast. The nurses were really nice and the whole process went on quite smoothly. I think it is nice when you have the feeling that you might be able to save someone's life.

It is the end of term now and I am back home for the Easter break. The term was quite a busy one so I am glad that we get this month off to rest a little bit at home.

This week marked the start of Camp NanoWrimo on the 1st of April and this is a virtual writing retreat that is taking place throughout the whole month. I am going to be attempting to write 10.000 words this month as part of my poetry devotional and I will update you all as I go along.

I learnt a very important lesson this week about how to deal with rejection and negative thoughts. I shared a video on my channel talking all about this topic so you can check it out if you want.

Spring is finally here. The weather has been really lovely over these past few days and the flowers have started to bloom. I really do feel like we are going to be having a really good summer this year. Hopefully that will be the case.

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Song Of The Month
Victory Belongs To Jesus by Todd Dulaney

How was your week?
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God bless :)


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