January 2018 In Review

New Year's day roasted fish/ I watched Jumanji with my brothers at the cinema/ I was writing my essay at home and my brothers bought me MacDonald's/ Drinking from my favourite science mug/ Prepping to do my last set of experiments in the lab/ The first Christian Union meeting of 2018/ Baked beans and toast/ First clinical neuroscience lecture/ I made fried rice/ Having some hot chocolate for motivation/ Trying to stay hydrated/ Trying to stay on top of my healthy diet.

I started going to the gym again this year. I have been really consistent which I am happy about./ I ordered the proof copy of my book "Outpourings of A Beloved Heart"./ Me trying to understand what the lecturer was on about in lectures/ I made chilli con carne/ I made egusi soup for the first time/ Having sausages, veggies and veggie mash/ Writing my dissertation

Favourite Quote Of The Month 
"If you think you have blown God's plan for your life, rest in this; You my beautiful friend, are not that powerful. It may take longer...
but you'll get there.
-Lisa Bevere
I came to university on the 7th of January and I submitted my first in-course assessment for my Science of reproduction module on the 11th of January. I did a vlog all about it and you can watch it below if you want. I have two modules this semester called Biomedical Research Techniques for Drug Development (BRTDD) and the other is Clinical Neuroscience (CN). I think they are both really interesting. I love learning about research techniques in BRTDD and I also love the clinical aspects of CN. I think both modules compliment each other really well. I only have lectures on Thursdays and Fridays which means I have Monday to Wednesday to work on my dissertation. 

A Day In The Life Of Biomedical Science Student

Research Project Update
So I finally finished doing all my experiments in the lab which felt really good. This has given me a lot of free time to work on writing up my results and my discussion chapter. The first draft of my dissertation is due in less than a week from today. I have finished writing a very rough draft and now I have to do some edits so I hope it will all be done well before the deadline. I am not very stressed thank God. I am actually enjoying the writing process which may seem a bit strange. I love what my research is about which I guess helps and I actually do miss working in the labs. I did a study with me vlog which you can watch below if you want to.

Study With Me Vlog

Writing Update
And finally, I ordered a proof copy of my book "Outpourings Of A Beloved Heart". This book is a 30 day poetry devotional about God's love. I started writing it in April 2017 and I finished the first draft in July 2017. I also started making edits and finally ordered a proof copy. I am so excited to share this book with you guys. I have given a few people to read to get feedback and I will hopefully finalise edits and publish it soon. 

 Unboxing My Book From Createspace

Below is one of my favourite videos from this month. I talked about the beauty of sharing our struggles and testimonies with others so they can get a glimpse of God's love too.

 The Beauty In Sharing Your Struggles

Song Of The Month- Take The Stage by Nathaniel Bassey

"Take the stage Lord and have Your way. I'm just a vessel and nothing more. And when You're done please take the glory. I'm satisfied just to see you glorified." 

How has your year 2018 been so far.
Please do let me know in the comments below.
Thank you so much for reading.
Have a lovely day.
God bless :)


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