Natural Hair Journey #5: 2.5 Years Post Relaxer

Hello lovely people,

I realised today that it has been about a year since I last gave an update about my natural hair so I thought I'd give you all a little update about my journey. Some of you may already know that in June 2015, I decided to stop relaxing my hair and went on a transitioning journey. The plan was to grow out my natural hair for 2 years and then cut off the relaxed ends. I have to say that I stuck to the plan and did not big chop until back in June 2017. However, when it was time for me to big chop, my relaxed hair had broken off so much that I ended up just doing a trim. I was already pretty much natural at this point.

The big smile on my face shows how much I look forward to wash days and playing around with my hair

The two years of growing my natural hair out were very challenging yet rewarding. They taught me a lot of patience especially when it came to detangling, washing and deep conditioning my hair. They also taught me to be more creative with hair styles. I really love versatility and so being able to wear my natural hair in so many different styles suits me really well. Every time I have to wear protective styles, I find myself missing my hair and wanting to wear it out again. I really do enjoy exploring it and playing around with my kinky coils. At the moment, I would say that when fully stretched, my hair goes all the way down to about armpit length. My goal is to be able to grow it down to bra-strap length or mid-back. This is the beginning of the year and I have so much hope. I can't wait to see how much it is going to grow this year. Below are a few of my favourite hair styles from 2017.

Two puffs and twisted bangs

Twisted side swept bangs and high puff

Two flat twits and two puffs

Are you on a hair journey to healthier hair?
Are you transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair?
Are you transitioning from heat damaged hair to healthier hair?
Let me know in the comments below how it is going for you.
Thank you so much for reading.
Have a lovely day.
God bless :)


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