My Inspiration: The Time I Broke My Iphone Charger

***Hello guys, 
I apologise for being a bit AWOL. The past few weeks have been extremely busy for me. I have numerous posts sitting in my drafts folder but with not enough time to finish writing them. Hopefully now that  I have submitted all  my in-course assessments and dissertation I will have a bit of time to write before my exams take me away again. In today's post, I will be sharing with you another little thing that happened to me recently and the lesson that God taught me from this.***

 One evening a few weeks ago, I realised my phone was running on about 10% battery life so I decided to  charge it. I plugged the charger in and put it down on my bedside table on top of my stack of books. Unfortunately, I put the phone  too close to the edge and it fell to the ground screen down. I have had this phone for almost 2 years now and I have been quite fortunate to have dropped it so many times in the past without actually breaking the screen. This time around was no different. Even without a screen protector, the screen was perfectly fine when I picked it up but my phone charger was not. I realised that the micro USB part of the charger cord was still inside the phone charging port but the cable was completely disconnected. After managing to get this micro USB out, I realised I could not use the charger anymore and I had to order a new one. As I went on Amazon, I quickly found a new charger cord which I bought but the only issue was, it was going to be delivered 3-5 days later. I had to figure out how I was going to charge my phone until this new charger arrived. 

I am the type of person who isn't very fond of depending on other people. I like to work hard for my goals and do the best I can to get to where I need to be. This  experience however, taught me that sometimes we just need to admit that we need help. Sometimes we find strength in depending on and leaning on someone else. I had to spend the next three days asking around for anyone who had an iphone charger so I could charge my phone. The iphone battery life is not very good so this meant I became conscious about how much I used my phone during the day so I could save as much battery life as possible. Obviously we are all human beings and we can get a little bit irritated or burdened when someone has to constantly depend on us. I wasn't surprised then to find out my predicament was causing inconveniences for others. When I had the chance to think about this experience, it pointed my focus back to the One is our source.
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Just like my phone needs a charger to constantly power it up and keep it going and functioning, we need God to constantly power us up to keep moving and doing His will. Oh but I will never compare God to a mere iphone charger. His power is so much more greater than that. Greater than anything you and I could ever imagine. The Bible describes Him as the source of our very own life . The kind of life he provides is abundant and it never ends (John 10:10). He is also our source of joy. When we go through grief, pain, face challenges, suffering and persecution, He remains the source of our joy and strength (Psalm 16:11). In this chaotic and broken world, God remains the source of our peace  and the peace He gives is one that transcends all human understanding (Phillipians 4:7). God is the source of our provision and He has promised that those who put their trust in Him will not lack any good thing (James 1:17). God is the source of our hope (Lamentations 3:24). He is our comfort in the time of sorrow and a shelter in the time of storm (Psalm 46:1). He  is our source of help so we can depend on Him totally (Psalm 121:2). God is our source of power because all power belongs to Him. He has power to turn mountains into pebbles. He has power over the enemy, over the grave and over death (Palm 62:11). He is the source of love. We can only love Him back and others because He has loved us first (1 John 4:7).

What is it that you are seeking today? Is it love? Is it  strength to carry on? Do you need help? Do you need to find hope and comfort? Are you looking for these things in the wrong places? How about you look to God today. He is the source of everything that you need. How about you ask him to fill you with His spirit so that you may be empowered, strengthened and anointed to do His will. How about you proclaim His love for you today. Preach His promises to yourself until your heart believes the truth that you are loved by Him.

"God is my source. God is my portion. I shall not  be discouraged. He watches over me. He will rejoice over me with singing."
Thank you so much for reading guys. Although I am not very active here on my blog because of how busy I am, I am still very active on my YouTube channel. If you would like to catch up with my university life, my book writing process and of course more things God has been teaching me, please do check out my channel here.
Hope you all have a lovely day.
God bless you :)


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