My Medicine Story So Far

Current Status:
Second year Biomedical Science student at St George's University London. 2 gap years. 

GCE O Levels (Cameroon): 10As and 1B ( Didn't have A* grades)
AS Levels: AABB - Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology
GCE A Levels: AAAB - Chemistry, Maths, Further Maths, Biology

Work Experience:
  • One week hospital work experience shadowing doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants, physiotherapists and pharmacists.
  • Volunteered as a helper at a Summer School helping out with and supervising children activities.
  • Volunteered at a charity shop once a week for 3 hours for 7 months.
  • Worked in a care home as a general assistant.
  • Working in a hospital as a healthcare assistant.
  • A day shadowing doctors and consultants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • A day shadowing doctors and consultant in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit

2012 Application (Deferred entry for 2014):
University of Oxford (Medicine A100)- Pre-interview rejection
Imperial College London (Medicine A100)- Pre-interview rejection
University College London (Medicine A100)- Pre-interview rejection
Kings College London (Medicine A100)- Pre-interview rejection
UKCAT- 2020, 505 average (I bet that's like the lowest average you've ever seen )
BMAT- Can't really remember

2013 Application (2014 entry):
St George's University London (Medicine MBBS5)- Pre-interview rejection then interview then put on waiting list then rejection
University of Sheffield (Medicine A100)- Amended unconditional offer for Biomedical Science (Declined)
The University of Aberdeen (Medicine A100)- Pre-interview rejection
The University of Dundee (Medicine A100)- Pre-interview rejection
University of Southampton (Biomedical Sciences)- Unconditional offer (Declined)
UKCAT- 2670, 667.5 average, band 3 SJT

2014 Application (2015 entry):

St George's University London Medicine A100)- Did not meet UKCAT cut-off
The University of Aberdeen (Medicine A100)- Pre-interview rejection
The University of Dundee (Medicine A100)- Pre-interview rejection
University of Bradford (Clinical Sciences)- interview (Declined)
University of Bradford (Forensic and Medical Sciences)- Offer (declined)
St George's University London (Biomedical Science)- Offer (Firmed)
UKCAT- 627.5 average, SJT Band 2

I have decided to take a break from the medicine application process. I have not given up on my dreams though. I believe I may have lost many battles but I haven't given up on the war.

Application advice from MY experience

  • Most importantly, choose your A Levels wisely. It is better to do just three A Levels and get your AAA than do four and get AABB. Most universities want As in both Biology and Chemistry and some can accept Physics instead of Biology. For those interested in doing Further Maths, you have to be aware that not all universities accept Maths and F. Maths as two separate subjects. Almost all the universities don't accept General Studies. Some A Level combinations are:
-Biology, Chemistry and Maths
-Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths 
-Biology, Chemistry, Geography
-Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths
  • If you get 4 rejections the first time, IT'S NOT THE END. It's not about the fall, it's how you pick yourself back up that matters. If it's really what you want to do, then take a gap year and give it another shot. 
  • If you are reapplying, make sure you make the most out of your gap year and use it as an opportunity to strike back making your application stronger than ever.
  • Get as much work experience as you can. Don't worry if you get just one hospital based experience. When it comes to quality and quantity, quality always prevails.
  • Do your research. Apply to unis that will love you. Check their entry requirements, their UKCAT requirements, their course structure and their admissions process. I tell you it will hurt so much if you find out later you just wasted a choice. It's medicine. You can't afford to waste a choice.
  • Don't apply to more than 2 BMAT unis. It's so big a risk. You don't want to take risks.
  • When you get rejected from one university, don't give up on the others. It's never over until you see that dreaded "Unsuccessful " on UCAS Track. A little positive thinking won't hurt. You only need one offer and you only need to attend one medical school to be a doctor.
  • If you get rejected from a university, it sometimes helps to ask for feedback. You could appeal and change their decision. If not, their feedback could help you work on your weaknesses when applying next time.
Wish you guys all the best.

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